Critical Illness Cover

What is Critical / Serious Illness Cover

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, critical illness cover pays you a lump sum. The payout is tax-free and can help with you and your family’s finances while you recover.

However, it doesn’t have to end there. The cover we offer doesn’t just recognise critical life-threatening illnesses. We can also arrange cover for serious conditions that have just as much impact on your finances.¬†

Why Do I Need Critical Illness Cover?

Illness can hit us at any stage in our life. On average, people are £570 worse off each month due to cancer diagnosis (Macmillan Cancer Support Research, 2017). Insurance cover can reduce the financial impact of this.

Think about serious or critical illness cover if:

  • You and your family rely on your income
  • You’re a single income household, or are the main breadwinner
  • Government benefits wouldn’t cover your outgoings, or you’re not eligible.