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Protect My Employees.

A healthier workforce is a happier, more productive one. Business health insurance is available for small to medium sized businesses with two to 249 employees with a range of benefits to help keep your workforce healthy.

Improving employee health and engagement is a long-term strategy for any organisation.

Importantly, healthy, engaged employees are any business owner’s competitive advantage. No matter how good your business model is or your products are, you still need a stellar team to build, support, improve, and sell them.

Why offer Business Health Insurance?

By getting your employees engaged with health insurance you are showing your commitment to improving the health of your workforce that motivates them to stay healthy and form positive long-term lifestyle habits.

Recruitment and retention: Appeals to a wide range of employees and encourages them to engage with their health.

Productivity: Healthy organisations are 25 days a year more productive per employee than unhealthy organisations.

Engagement: Three times as many healthy employees participate in workplace wellness programmes than sick employees.

Sickness absence: Active employees have a 27% lower absence rate than inactive employees.