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Making a Will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, that’s why at Asset Harbour we can help you through that process.

As such we are currently offering a completely FREE Single Will to anyone over the age of 18, that would like the reassurance that their estate and affairs are all in order during such uncertain times.

The number of people seeking to write new Wills has risen by at least 30% following the outbreak of coronavirus, according to The Law Society – but in an industry that relies on face to face contact – self isolation and the UK lockdown has made this more challenging.

As a small business, we are more than aware that many of us are finding ourselves in a difficult position with little or no support. Many of us are suffering personal loss as well as financial loss and we want to try and help where we can, therefore as a gesture of support, we are launching our ‘Free Single Will’ offer from today until May 31st 2020.

For further information on how you can claim your free will, get in touch today!