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Following on from our last post about PMI, we ask the question why would you not consider protecting you and your family against the high cost of private medical treatment or worse still missing out on the treatment you need altogether.

As the UK and in particular, our national health service continue to struggle under unprecedented strain from the ongoing pandemic, it’s of little surprise that people are turning their thoughts to private medical treatment.

However, the vast majority of the UK population still do not have private medical insurance, despite the obvious benefits that it offers not only in treatments but also in diagnosis and care.

Private medical treatment is expensive with the average cost of a hip or knee replacement being around £12,000with cancers ranging between around £22,000 to £35,000. When you compare these costs which are prohibitive to many of us with the average cost of private medical insurance (PMI) of around £125 per month, this often covering more than one person in the family, then PMI becomes more attainable particularly when fast access to care is a matter of utmost importance.

As with most insurances, why pay out for something which may never happen? but when you consider current figures suggest that 1 in 2 of us will develop some form of cancer and as many as 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart disease. So why would you take a chance if you can give peace of mind to you and your family, should the worst happen.

As well as the obvious life saving role PMI can have with fast access to treatment, it’s worth noting the benefits to younger healthier clients. Not only will the premiums be a lot lower, they are also less likely to suffer from pre existing medical conditions, which could potentially limit acceptance.

An important factor is also the fact that we now live in a digital world with access to digital healthcare, virtual GPs alongside incentivised rewards and benefits schemes designed to provide immediate value whilst preventing clients from getting ill and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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